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We pride ourselves in being your first choice supplier of specialist medical equipment and everyday consumables.

We can be your One-stop-shop for medical supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals

What We Offer

Medical & Care Consumables
General medical consumables includes a vast range of products typically used on a day to day basis for a whole host of application in a clinical environment …
Care Equipment
Defibrillators, patient monitors, surgical tables, EKGs, anesthesia machines, sterilizers, lights, ultrasounds, and electrosurgical units, blanket/fluid warmers are all necessary pieces hospital equipment.
Clothing & Uniforms
Shop our exclusive collection of nursing scrubs, medical uniforms and a vast assortment of branded nursing uniforms with ease.Shop our exclusive collection of nursing.
Catering (Biodegradable & Compostable) - Microwave safe
Bio food packaging, large selection of boxes, containers, and other packaging. Much of our disposable packaging is recyclable and/or biodegradable …
Housekeeping & Cleaning
We offer A grade Cleaning Services that focuses on improving an area’s cleanliness, whereas housekeeping also includes tidying up and making a space look inviting.
Bed & Bath Accessories
Bathroom Accessory Sets, Soap & Lotion Dispensers, Wastebaskets, Toothbrush Holders, Scales, Guest Towels, Toilet Seats & many more…

The supply chain that cares

You can find everything your homecare facility needs at Locus Middle East Medical Consumables, your one-stop store. We can provide you with a procurement solution unlike any other. We source a wide range of homecare products from medical consumables to an amazing variety of furnishings, customized uniforms, bed and bath supplies, housekeeping items and even care equipment.

You can rely on Locus Middle east to meet your needs and beyond.

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