Marketing Promotional Items

Promotional Items and Responsible Marketing

At Locus Middle East, we believe in the responsible sourcing of products including marketing and promotional items.

We look at your marketing objectives, your company mandate and we try to match the product we offer bearing in mind the importance of corporate social responsibility to every organization.
We spend a little extra time doing our homework of studying the items that align with the quality your brand stands for.

The promotional strategy of any company depends on the marketing budget. The better you understand your budget, the easier it is when you order marketing products. At Locus Middle East, we provide you with suggestions on promotional items that are suitable to your budget, and aligned with your marketing goals.

We offer a wide range of gift items to promote your business and maintain relationships with your clients. Even with a limited marketing budget, we see to it that you maximize your marketing potential by optimizing your marketing spend.

Trade show giveaways increase booth traffic, gain brand recognition, improve brand image, and add value to the attendees’ overall experience.

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Promotional Items

Casual give aways are inexpensive giveaways that you can use throughout the year, and often for delighting customers “in the moment” to increase brand awareness.

Employee appreciation gifts are high-value items that show your employees that they are important part of the organization and that they are valued.

In product sourcing, we also consider the functionality, reusability, repurposing, and recyclability of the products. Thus even in our promotional items, you will also find a range of eco-friendly and plantable products which not only align with your CSR objectives but also inspires your customers and clients.

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. Our marketing advisers and supply chain experts work hand in hand to provide you with bespoke solutions focused on your own company needs.

At Locus Middle East, small gifts make big impact.

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