Locus Consulting

Visualize an ideal future state for your company, where the functions and capabilities of your talents are well-defined. At Locus Middle East, we help you create experiences that would make your vision a reality. We are here to help you in building and customizing programs that will help you in achieving your business goals.

In order to do this, we need to conduct an analysis of your organization’s current state, as well as the current skill sets of your talents to analyze the different factors contributing to the gap between the present situation and the desired state you would like to have for your organization.

Then we will define the scope of the consulting program for your organization or the learning program for your people. We will assist you in identifying the critical skills for your human capital. We will develop bespoke experiences that would help the people in your organization quickly acquiring those skills.

We carefully tailor our programs using the most ideal channels for delivery. Using an optimal combination of interpersonal discussions, interactive activities, visual and online presentations, our team will help you build and execute a unique learning experience for your people.

Through coaching and reinforcement, we train your trainers in developing an effective follow-through. By identifying the proper key performance indicators, we assist you in conducting a proper assessment of your talents’ performance with the mantra that to be manageable, it has to be measurable.

Why Locus Consulting?


Interactive Experience

We use a variety of measures and creative approaches for delivery to ensure enjoyable learning experiences that create impact. We believe that a good combination of discussion and energetic activities helps in sharpening the saw.


Capability Building

We tailor our content according to the roles, organization, and industry so the learners understand the importance of the program and how it connects to their jobs, and how it helps them upgrade their own skills and capabilities.


Inspiration and Synergy

We believe in synergy. We believe that inspired and motivated people are the highest performance drivers. Hence, in all our programs we give emphasis to the importance of working together as a team.

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