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Housekeeping & Janitorial Supplies
Equip your team with professional hotel cleaning supplies from the industry’s best brands and keep your rooms guest-ready…
Cleaning Equipment
High-pressure cleaners and sweepers, cleaning agents, snow pushers and garbage bags: With the wide assortment from winkler, you can keep your workshop and ….
Hotel Supplies
Everything you need in Hotel supplies & Hotel cosmetics in professional quality! Fast delivery ✓ Large selection ✓…
Hotel Furniture
We design and produce hotel furniture, modern hotel furniture, classic hotel furniture avantgarde hotel furniture and many models we …
Table & Kitchenware
Locus specialises in tableware, kitchenware, table decor and home electronic appliances. It is the best place for importers,..
Kitchen Equipment
Shop an extensive selection of commercial cooking equipment for your restaurant kitchen at Locus…

The supply chain that cares

“Breaking new frontiers in hotel and facility management supplies through expertise in supply chain and product sourcing.”

With proven product sourcing expertise, Locus Middle East helps you run your facility with innovative and reliable maintenance and janitorial products and solutions.

We provide the best equipment and products that you need to keep your facility running at full speed. We support your facility maintenance strategies by providing you with the right machinery, work-wear and materials that you need. Our innovative commercial cleaning tools, equipment and supplies were designed to help you manage costs and add overall value through safer and greener cleaning processes.

As supply chain specialists, we at Locus Middle East also supply a variety of items the hospitality business, as well as corporate offices, require. By supplying you with high-quality products, we help you not only in creating memorable experiences for your guests but also in projecting your brand’s image. We source products from furniture to amenities, from essentials to luxury items, from elegant tableware to housekeeping supplies.

We deliver your requirements right on time at competitive prices.

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