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No matter what the product is, no matter where the product source is, Locus Middle East is the answer. Our sound experience in the sourcing arena is our most effective tool in finding the right supplier for you even when the good is rare.

Our strength lies in the consolidation of broad product lines and our vast networks enable us to meet customer requirements. We source and ship based on client needs.

We are adept in the Just-In-Time method allowing companies to ultimately cut waste caused by overproduction and unnecessary inventory, by providing as per actual needs in a timely and efficient manner.

We offer various products and services. Our business model and sourcing strategies allow us to meet product requirements with competitive prices.

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We Are Locus Middle

Our supply chain experts ensure quality and proper handling of goods by constantly monitoring every step from manufacturing to shipment of the products. We strictly focus on the proper quantity, competitive pricing, and timely delivery right at your doorstep.

Our founders are advocates of sustainability and a greener environment.
We uphold responsible product sourcing at the right quantity, with zero defects, less waiting time and less emissions, thus improving quality and creating more product value.

With our reliable services, we have obtained a reputation as a vendor of choice. We take care of your product needs so you can focus more on your business.

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Procurement Solutions

Sustainable future is the core of our procurement solutions. We help organizations in sourcing their products with reduced purchasing costs, while addressing principles for sustainable development.

Supply Chain & Inventory Management

At Locus, we believe that there is always a better way to do things. Using tools such as Kaizen, 5s or PDCA, we can help you achieve a leaner inventory for a more efficient and effective workplace.


In this disruptive era, there is a need to bridge the gap between human capital and the digital environment. Locus HR helps you in HR policies and Processes, Manpower Planning and Budgeting, Performance Management. We help you build a talent-driven culture amidst the new digital reality.

Marketing and Promotion

Increase your leads, grow your brand and scale your revenue. While keeping in step with digital revolution, we also provide suggestions for the best promotional item ideas that blend well with your corporate branding and CSR policies.

Locus Middle East provides you with top-of-the-line brands from world-renowned manufacturers around the world and leading distributors in the Middle East Region. We manage supply chain logistics in a digitally connected trading ecosystem. Our goal is to provide you with accurate products or reliable product options at revolutionary prices.


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